Laura Moser has presented tens of changes to enhance the living quality of all Americans. She had touched upon subjects such as women’s rights, climate changes, economic fairness, gun safety regulations​, education, taxation, and many more. One of the values all her supporters undoubtedly share with her the necessity of financial literacy for all ages and equality in affordable financing.

The future congresswoman Moser believes in educating ourselves on the economy and finance as it is a part of our daily lives and a key piece of today’s society. By investing in monetary literacy, Laura believes we will achieve a new level of responsible lending due to the citizens’ conscious choices and the elimination of scams in the financial market.

Since Laura started working on educating people on their economic options, we can benefit from a wider range of support facilities, ready to thoroughly explain everyday topics like current mortgage rates, student loans, a home equity line of credit, etc. The experts can also help any American citizen find the best options for their financial situation. By continuing the education, Laura strives for a knowledgeable population to make their own decisions on a mortgage, personal loans, online loans, small business loans, and many more quotidian financial topics that the current educational system does not cover.

Laura admits that there is still a long way to go until we achieve truly responsible lending from the citizens’ part and affordable financing from providers. For that reason, she has established ideas on how to run the next steps to reach the goal. Laura Moser believes that we put the base of monetary knowledge in schools. She proposes introducing subjects on everyday finance, where students will learn about taxes, study how to find the best mortgage rates today, education loans and student loans companies, short-term loans such as payday loans, etc.

Experts will also inform high-schoolers about college financings such as a federal student loan and a national student loan. This way, the new generation of freshmen and women will step into adulthood fully prepared for what the economy is giving them. At the same time, their parents will not worry about enormous college spendings and providing their children with enough survival means.

Concerning workers and their families, future congresswoman Moser proposes to educate them in a work environment. Alongside employers, experts in the domain will provide financial literacy for adults. They would cover age-appropriate topics such as a debt consolidation loan, car finance and car loan, US bank mortgage, pension funds, and many more.

Laura Moser aims to be the face of the unrepresented majority in the congress and make the voices of all those with limited affordable financing options. A congresswoman’s title will only make her closer to entering our reality and speaking for our rights!