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Security isn’t just safety from foreign attack. Security is knowing that you have a good job, real retirement benefits, and affordable healthcare. Security is a better future for your children: a decent education, a clean climate, real job opportunities. Security is an open Internet that keeps our private information private. But too often, the response of our current leaders is to do … less. Our leaders are trying to take away our health care, rejecting scientific findings about climate, removing regulations that protect us. Our health, our economy, our safety depends on rigorous watchdogs–just as our physical security depends on a robust military.

You can read about the CREATE Plan, Laura Moser’s new vision for Houston, which includes specific actions to address climate change.

It’s time to find consensus on the things that most of us agree on:

  • Strengthen our diplomatic and economic resources to help find alternatives to endless wars
  • Protect our economic and military security by instituting a pay-as-you-go policy for increases in military spending
  • Invest in cyber-security by requiring that businesses that hold individuals’ most confidential data institute the strictest levels of protection
  • Provide health and income security to vulnerable populations
  • Address the extremes of income equality that leave more and more full-time workers living in poverty every year
  • Rejoin the 195-nation Paris climate accord in recognition of the threat climate change poses both to our national security and–as the horrors of Hurricane Harvey have reminded us–the very existence of our city
  • Promote innovative solutions to Houston’s flooding, as have been adopted in cities as diverse as Amsterdam, Tokyo, Miami, and Baltimore
  • Repair and replace critical, aging infrastructure
  • Work toward gun-safety legislation

It’s time to treat the gun violence epidemic as a legitimate public health crisis:

  • Pass universal background checks and red flag laws
  • Close the boyfriend loophole to address domestic violence involving guns
  • Overturn the ban on gun violence prevention research
  • Raise the minimum age to purchase guns and ammunition to 21
  • End the sale of assault-style weapons, high-capacity magazines, bump stocks and other modifiers