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In the face of Hurricane Harvey, we witnessed the heroism and resilience of our city. It showed us how much solidarity and kindness exists among the regular people of Houston, and urged us to reject divisiveness and stand up for the values of decency and respect. We can’t hand our country over to those who are intent on driving Americans apart.

It’s time to find consensus on the things that most of us agree on:

  • Instead of walls and deportations, we must pass comprehensive immigration reform, offering a secure future to longtime residents, especially those who came here as children
  • We need to invest in education, starting in early childhood
  • We must protect public health, which includes everything from preventing pollution to getting serious about hazards like chronic flooding and keeping our communities safe from gun violence
  • We need to prepare communities to better withstand natural disasters and invest in infrastructure improvements that minimize the man-made ones
  • We must expand public transit options to connect Houstonians and help the city grow responsibly